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Sensitive Skin Solvent By Walker Tape

S3 Has the Highest level of purity of solvents. It is designed specially for sensitive skin users. It is low-residue and easy to rinse. 

  • Systems: All
  • Base: Oil
  • Gentleness: Sensitive skin
  • Breakdown Speed: Medium
  • Residue: High
  • Cleanup: Rinse with soap and water
  • Fragrance: Citrus
  • Flammable


Sensitive Skin Solvent By Walker Tape

    Saturate adhesive area. Breakdown will begin in seconds. The release time will depend on adhesive buildup. Wipe or brush off residue. Shampoo and rinse.

    • Professional Use Only
    • Flammable
    • Fast Acting
    • Do not breathe fumes
    • Store at room temperature, below 90°F
    • Test on small area before use
    • Rinses off with soap and water

    Close cap tightly. Do not leave on silicone bases more than 2-3 minutes. Do not apply to broken, cut, or irritated skin. Do not leave on skin for more than 30-45 minutes. Do not breathe fumes. External use only, do not ingest. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children. Test on a small area before use. Do not store or use near heat, sparks, or open flame. Store at room temperature, below 90°F.

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